Villa Reale - Modern Art Gallery

Not so far from your luxury b&b you will find Villa Reale, one of the masterpieces of Milanese Neoclassicism, built between 1790 and 1796 by architect Pollack as the residence of Lodovico Berbiano di Belgiojoso.

The Villa, designed with elegance and functionality by the architect, is a three-floor building characterized by two main facades. The first, towards the road with two lower advanced wings that surround a court of honor and the second, which overlooks the back garden and is the most important from an artistic and figurative point of view. Decorated with statues and reliefs of mythological subject, designed by the neoclassic poet Giuseppe Parini and sculpted by the same workers of the facade of the Duomo.

The position is strategic: it is in Palestro Road, between Milano centre and Venezia Boulevard, actual and symbolic entrance for those arriving in Milan from Vienna and take advantage of enchanting public gardens.

Owned by the City of Milan since 1920, the following year the Gallery of Modern Art (GAM) is inaugurated in its halls, becoming an international reference point for art. A series of masterpieces are part of the exhibitions: from the neoclassical age with Canova, to the romanticism of Hayez, to the works of the “scapigliatura” (Segantini). Without forgetting the Grassi Collection and the Vismara Collection: the first consists of paintings by Renoir, Van Gogh, Manet, Segantini, together with ancient artifacts from the Far East. The second consists of works by Picasso, Matisse, Morandi, Sironi and Modigliani.

On the ruins of the stables, bombed during the Second World War, the architect Gardella in 1955 created the Pavilion of Contemporary Art (PAC), a "real container" of twentieth century works. After the attack of '93 that destroyed the CAP, the Villa has undergone a long restoration work ended in 2006 and returned to the city in all its glory.

Today Villa Reale is the luxurious setting of a newly redesigned exhibition that offers its visitors an extraordinary experience of continuity between works of the past and contemporary art.



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