St. Ambrogio church

Just few steps far from Secondo Pensiero luxury hotel there is Sant’Ambrogio Basilica, one of the most recognizable symbols of Milan. The church is dedicated to the patron saint of the city, celebrated every year on December 7th. This is where many precious historical artifacts and works of art are kept, preserving more than 1600 years of the city’s history.

The bishop Ambrogio wanted to build the basilica between 379 and 386 in the Ad Martires graveyard, out of Vercellina Gate, the ancient Basilica Martirum, which was known as “Ambrosiana”.

St. Ambrogio church is the most important example of romanic architecture in Lombardy. Inside the Basilica, which has three naves, there are many and very precious artworks. From the left aisle you reach the portico of the rectory, built by Bramante in 1492.

The basilica took its final appearance between 1088 and 1099 when, at the behest of Bishop Anselmo, it was rebuilt according to the schemes of Romanic architecture.

The plant is maintained with three naves and three apses, preserving the quadrangle portico.

The Basilica suffered serious damage during 1943 anglo-american bombing: the external part of the portico has been destroyed, the dome and the mosaic behind the altar were damaged.

Very suggestive are the two painted chessboards entering on the left, testifying to the presence of the Templars, and Moses Snake, a bronze sculpture put on the top fo the atrium granite column.

The basilica of Sant’Ambrogio is the real cornerstone of the city's identity, the suggestive internal path prepares for the necessary reflection.

Admiring the main altar you will appreciate the silence and meditation of observants and tourists and coming back very soon to your luxury hotel you will appreciate Milan even more.



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