Sforza Castle and Sempione Park

Just a few steps from your luxury bed and breakfast, the Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco in italian) is one of Milan symbols, built in the 15th century as ducal palace at the behest of the Duke of Milan Francesco Sforza, as the years go by it became a barrack and then location of cultural institutions and museums.

The building has a square plan with towers at the corners and Filarete Tower in the middle of the facade, its perimeter is 800 meters and it is surrounded by a deep moat. It’s got three courtyard (the parade ground, Piazza d’Armi in italian, the ducal courtyard and the Rocchetta courtyard) and priceless masterpieces are kept inside it. Rocchetta Tower, ancient refuge of the castellani in dangerous moments, nowadays it’s site of the treasure room and guards the famous painting “Argo” by Bramante.

Among the artists that contributed to its realization there are Filippo Brunelleschi and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The building also hosted the civic art collections with the Pinacoteca that houses masterpieces by Canaletto, Mantegna and Bellotto and the Arte Antica Museum, that collects 12 centuries of sculpture.

Sforza Castle represents a unique construction, to visit because it is a monument rich in history, charm and mystery.

Behind Sforza Castle there is Sempione Park, green lung of the city. Its name originate from Sempione Avenue, great road axis of the Napoleonic period that ends at the foot of the Peace Arch. Sempione Park has been realized in 1894 from a project by the architect Alemagna, located on an area of 386,000 m2.

In Sempione Park it is possible to admire lawns, trees and shrubs, avenues, pitches, rivers and an artificial hill. Inside there are also the Park Tower, the Peace Arch, the Art Palace, Napoleon III monument, an Arena and a aquarium.

Sempione Park it is a very lived place by the Milanese during their free time, to play sports, to visit exhibitions or just to breathe healthy air.

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