Palazzo dell'Arengario and Museo del '900

Palazzo dell'Arengario, also known as Palazzo del Novecento, is situated at a short walk from Secondo Pensiero luxury bed and breakfast. Facing the Duomo, hardly you won't notice this 30's building and its art deco architechture. Several works of art from the 20th century, from futurism to italian Arte Povera, are marvellously preserved in its rooms.

The Arengario palace is an expression of fascist architecture and was built where the so-called "long sleeve" was found, an appendix of the Royal Palace demolished in 1936 to give space to the current area of the Duomo. It consists of two buildings that face the square, a scenographic background through which opens the passage on Via Marconi and the entrance to Piazza Diaz.

The word "arengario" derives from the name used to identify the seat of a municipality in northern Italy in the Middle Ages.

The building was built between the end of the ‘30 and the Second World War, on a project by the architects Portaluppi, Muzio, Magistretti and Griffini. The façade is decorated with bas-reliefs by Arturo Martini and concludes the urban renewal process of the centre of Milan, set to give a monumental character to the area around the Duomo. The building was damaged by the bombings of the Second World War when it had not yet been completed.

The building has undergone a redevelopment and renovation plan recently, proposing it as the site of the Palazzo del Novecento and of a famous restaurant.

Considering the short distance, it will be very easy, after a visit, to get back at Secondo Pensiero Luxury B&B.



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