La Scala Opera House

Considered as “The opera temple”, La Scala Opera House, next to Secondo Pensiero Milano glamour apartments, is one of the most famous theatres in the world.

Inaugurated in 1778 and wanted by the empress Mary Theresa of Austria to replace the ancient Regio Ducale Theatre of Milan destroyed by a fire, she entrusted its work to the architect Piermarini, that was inspired by the theatre of the Caserta Royal Palace.

La Scala Opera House was a real functional space, its architecture adapted to the most diverse needs, from the kitchen in order to serve dinner to the nobles before the show, to the possibility of flooding the parterre to stage naval battles.

Passed through many changes and upgrades, La Scala Opera House it was also one of the places where electrical energy was experimented and it was rebuilt after 1943 bombings that seriously damaged it.

Still nowadays, with lyric opera, ballet and classic music season La Scala Opera House is the centre of the city cultural life.

Inside there is the Theatre Museum that saves a rich collection of costumes, musical instruments, portraits and busts of great musicians of history.

Visiting the theatre means immerse yourself in a timeless place and retrace the atmospheres experienced by great artists, such as Verdi or Toscanini, that exhibited on this important stage.

Looking out of the theatre dais to admire the splendid hall you’ll attend, with a little luck, to the artists’ rehearsals and then with a little walk you will come back to your Milan luxury apartment.



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