Milan hotels near Duomo

Secondo Pensiero

Corso Magenta, 12 20123 Milan, Italy

Tel.: +39 331 17 15 261




Milan hotels near Duomo?

Milan hotels near Duomo?

Milan, increasingly popular destination for romantic breaks and weekends, suddenly becomes complicated when you have to choose your accommodation. We exclude misunderstandings, there is a wide choice of hotels near Milan cathedral but you know, when you want to make a surprise or a gift choosing the best is a must. Our hotel is among the best hotels in Milan, then sees the beauty of the beautiful Milan.

Among the Milan hotels near Duomo, guests will live in an earthly paradise, days spent in complete relaxation and between art. We love to pamper our guests, for this we authenticity and naturalness of customer services. Bed and breakfast seems to be the most popular service, makes it possible to have no time restrictions and save on your entire stay, having the ability to eat when and where you want.

Our hotel offers comfort and tranquility to its guests by transporting them in a dimension of scents, smells and sensations that will leave sweet memories in their hearts. Among the Milan hotels near Duomo our hotel is also close to interesting historical towns and places a high tourist influx, that's because the staff is always attentive to the needs and desires of its customers, it has developed a program for those who want visit the place as well as relax, full of themed itineraries, each prepared on the basis of the different passions that may characterize the people, there is the cultural, the historical or even what fashion.




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Food & Beverages

Atmosphere and flavours to experience nature in the heart of Milan. Treat yourself to Officinali Montauto's bistrò and store, right here at Secondo Pensiero. Click here to see the menu.  

Arte & Design

Art & Design

Our art collection features italian artists such as Federico Luger and Alessandro Siccardi.