Luxury hotel in Milan: from Expo to Fashion Week

The city of Milan offers a great number of fashionable and unforgettable events, that every year attract thousands of tourists from around the world: most visitors choose to sleep at a luxury hotel in Milan, preferably located in the Old Town, to move comfortably by foot or by public transport and fully enjoy the elegant and glamourous atmosphere of the place, made up of nightclubs, clubs, restaurants and boutiques of high fashion.

An event that is at the forefront of popularity and success is the Expo: an exhibition fair involving companies from every continent, related to the best of international production. From Expo, you can go to the Milano Fashion Week, a must-see event for all haute couture enthusiasts: here all the best Italian and world fashion designers come together to present their collections to an ever-expanding audience.

What to do in Milan? Apart from the glamorous events, the city also offers a lot to lovers of culture, art and entertainment: theaters, museums of any type (painting, sculpture, science, history, biology etc.) and hundreds of monuments to visit and admire such as the Milan Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Vincent Cenacle, etc ..

At night, those who do not want to rest at the luxury hotel in Milan can go to one of the many nightclubs, to listen to the DJs and the most famous artists of the music scene and dance until the morning.

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