Luxury apartment Milan: what to do in the night in Milan?

The reasons for staying at a Luxury apartment in Milan are countless: the City, world-famous, offers a vast array of attractions for all tastes, from artistic monuments to business events.

If, therefore, during the day there are many things to do and see, what happens after sunset? Once again, Milan is up to the best expectations with a truly brilliant and effervescent nightlife: around 6pm it is possible to have an aperitif at one of the many venues in Centre, perhaps in the renowned area of ​​the Teatro della Scala, or in the delightful and glamorous Navigli district.

Here the offer is very wide: appetizers, canapes, cutting board with typical cheeses and cheeses, accompanied by a glass of prosecco or white wine, or from one of the many alcohol cocktails like the traditional Spritz!

After dinner, there is the embarrassment of choice: pop, rock and hip hop concerts with internationally renowned artists (just think that in recent years Milan has seen the likes of Coldplay and U2!) , and in so many nightclubs to meet friends, dancing at dance music rhythm and having a good cocktail.

Moving around Milan is very simple, even for those who do not own a car: public transport (Metro, bus, etc.) covers all major areas of the city, including the suburbs, and you can also book a low taxi cost, to move safely even in the late hours of the night.

Live at your best your holiday in Milan, booking a room at Lurury apartment in Milan, like Secondo Pensiero: contact us now!

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