Design Hotel Milan: business and marketing events

The City of Milan is an attraction for thousands of tourists who go everywhere from every part of the world to visit its beautiful monuments, the famous museums and the many attractions of the Old Town: the Duomo, Theater of Opera, Sforzesco Castle, the Gallery with its shops, the Scala Theater and other places of charm.

However, Milan is not only known for the beauty of monuments and for events of an artistic nature: here, in fact, businessmen come from the United States, China, Germany, Japan, France and many other countries for fairs, exhibitions, meetings and events related to finance, marketing and economics.

Milan is one of the main economic centers in Italy with a large number of companies and start-ups, advertising agencies, television studios, restaurants and high-class hotels, congress halls and training schools: to stay in the city, it is recommended a Design Hotel Milan as Secondo Pensiero, equipped with extra-luxurious rooms, elegantly furnished and equipped with all modern amenities such as satellite TV, minibar and WIFI connection.

With its strategic location, it also allows visitors to travel easily in the city, both on foot and by public transport: Design Hotel Milan is a short walk from the Underground stops, allowing you to reach within a few minutes, any city area, including the most peripheral ones.

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